Episode length and limits

If you’re capturing your audio with Anchor (web or mobile), you can record for up to an hour at a time. If you’d like to record for longer than that, no problem! Just capture it using your preferred software and upload it through your Anchor dashboard at anchor.fm.

We suggest trying a segmented approach to your episodes, though: build your episodes out of multiple, topic based segments. This’ll make it easier for people to browse and share your audio!

Some other things you should know:

  • Episodes - No time limit. Add as many segments as you want! Although we always recommend not having episodes over an hour or so.
  • Solo recording - Capped at an hour per segment but if you're looking to record for more than hour, just record in multiple segments and use those recordings from your library section in any order that you'd like!
  • Recording with friends - 1 hour max limit of recording time! Just note that the longer your recording is, the more likely connection issues could occur and interrupt the recording. Try recording with your friends in shorter bursts of 15 minutes or so.
  • Voice messages - Can be up to 1 minute long, but you can have entire conversations via messages and then add them all to your podcast at once.

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