Creating transcribed videos of your segments

You can always share a link to your podcast (or to a specific segment), but in our opinion the best way to get your audio heard outside of Anchor is to share a transcribed video. Here's what Anchor videos look like, and here's how it works!

Which segments can be transcribed

  • Any audio segment (not an episode) that you recorded or added into your Anchor account can be transcribed as long as it is less than 1 minute long. 

Having trouble? Check out this help article for tips.

Mobile App

  1. Record a segment and add it to one of your episodes
  2. Go to the 'Profile' tab
  3. Tap the episode, and tap '...' next to the segment you wish to transcribe
  4. Tap 'Create video'
  5. We'll automatically transcribe your words after you tap 'Start transcription'
  6. Preview your transcription, and touch up any words that may have been misheard or skipped over (there shouldn't be many). We'll generate a video, and you can choose whether to save/share it in square, wide, or tall.
  7. You'll then be able to share your transcribed video!


  1. After logging in from your Anchor dashboard, scroll down on the page to 'Your episodes'
  2. Click on the episode where the segment you wish to transcribe is listed
  3. Click the 'Video' icon next to the segment
  4. Preview and edit the text as needed, and click 'Save transcription'
  5. Move the 'Start' and 'End' buttons if you would like, then click 'Save & Generate Video'
  6. You'll then be able to share your transcribed video!


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