Deleting an episode

If you're looking to delete an episode from your podcast on Anchor, as well as the external platforms we distribute to (Apple podcasts, etc.), follow the steps below.

NoteUnfortunately, it's not possible to delete your only podcast episode. Your podcast must have at least one episode in its RSS feed to remain active. 

If you want to delete the only remaining episode in your feed, we recommend you to create a new episode with original audio and you'll then be able to delete your desired episode. You can also replace the audio in your existing episode, and the changes will reflect on external platforms within 24 hours!

To delete an episode from your podcast:

Mobile App:

  1. Click ‘Your profile’ at the bottom of you screen
  2. Click into the episode you wish to permanently delete
  3. Tap the ‘...’ icon in the upper right corner of your screen and then click ‘Delete’


  1. Go to your Anchor Dashboard
  2. Click your 'Episode' tab at the top of your screen
  3. Click the ‘...’ icon next to the episode you wish to permanently delete
  4. Click ‘Delete episode

In about 24 hours you should see these changes reflect on all external platforms your podcast is distributed to (although it's usually faster).

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