Downloading your audio and episodes

You can export audio files as segments in your 'Library' tool, or full episodes as long as they are set to be 'Published everywhere'

Downloading full episodes 

  • Login to the Anchor website and access your dashboard
  • Click 'Episodes' at the top of the page
  • Next to a published episode click the 3 dot menu '...'
  • Click 'Download episode'

*Note: — It's currently only possible to download a full episode on the web version of Anchor, not in the Anchor app.


Downloading audio segments 

Anchor on the web

  • Click 'New episode' at the top of our screen
  • Click the purple folder icon to view your audio library 
  • For the audio segment you'd like to download, click the 3 dot menu '...'
  • Select 'Download audio file'


Anchor app

  • From the main creation screen, tap the '+' button to access your creation tools
  • Select the 'Library' tool
  • Tap the '...' icon next to the segment you wish to export then 'Export audio'
  • After the download is done processing, select where you would like to send the audio on your device

Having trouble? Make sure your browser and app are fully up to date and give it another shot.

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