Understanding your podcast analytics

You can find analytics for your podcast under Your Podcast Performance, right on your web dashboard. To improve the depth and dependability of Anchor analytics, we are adding some of Spotify's data points - like age, gender and episode performance - to Anchor analytics. Now you can get even more personalized information on your podcast's performance. You can view the following from your analytics dashboard:

  • Total plays
  • Estimated audience size
  • Unique Listeners 
  • Plays per episode 
  • Top 10 episodes 
  • Listener location
  • Listener gender & age
  • Episode performance

Total plays


  • For new podcasts, this data will only show once your show has received at least 5 plays
  • Total plays for your podcast includes plays across all of the external platforms you're distributed to, and accounts for plays of all distributed episodes for your show 

Estimated audience size


  • Data for your podcast's estimated audience size is based on the average number of plays each of your episodes get in the first 30 days after publishing
  • The number displayed in your estimated audience size will fluctuate based on the frequency with which you publish new episodes
  • This is a great way to notice listening changes for your podcast over time 
  • Audience size is typically difficult to calculate, as listening platforms don’t surface subscriber counts, so we think estimated audience size will be a useful tool in estimating that number!

Unique listeners


  • This indicates the unique combinations of IP address + devices that downloads or streams at least one of your episodes in the last 7 days.


Your podcast plays can be viewed at a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly level. After selecting a desired date range, hovering over a particular day will show you:

  • Your top 3 played episodes within that timeframe 
  • The total number of plays across all of your other episodes 
  • A purple dot on the bottom will show if you published any new episodes on that day 

Top EpisodesHelp_analytics_top_eps.png

We surface the top 10 most played episodes for your podcast here. Your Plays are on the left side, and each bar represents a single episode, with the episode's title at the bottom. If you have fewer than 3 total episodes in your podcast so far, no data will show here until you publish some more! 

Geographic location 


Your podcast listeners' geographic location data shows where in the world your listeners are, and what % of your total listens come from that region. Clicking on a location in the U.S. will drill down into more specific locations — so simply click 'Region' to be returned to the national view. 


Listening platforms

Screen_Shot_2021-08-03_at_10.01.49_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2021-08-03_at_10.02.46_AM.png

This section of your analytics is a place to see where your podcast is heard. If you primarily use Spotify (especially if you use the Music tool), you'll see Spotify be included. If you distribute your podcast on external platforms, you'll see those platforms appear in the Apps pie chart! The Devices pie chart will display which devices are playing your podcast (if we have that information). 


Gender and Age (sourced from Spotify)


Gender and Age

  • View 'Gender' for a % breakdown of your listener base on how they identify (female, male, non-binary, not specified)
  • View 'Age' for a breakdown of the age groups that interact with and consume your podcast's content
  • This data is helpful in getting to know your audience better, whether you’re established or just starting out
  • This data can help you tailor your content and marketing accordingly, or identify new opportunities to reach audience groups that haven’t discovered your show yet
  • If you currently work with brands outside of Ads by Anchor (or would like to), this information can help you pitch to advertisers
  • Note: gender and age analytics are also available in the analytics section of the Anchor app

Episode Performance


Your episode performance chart will help you understand what content resonates with your audience. Compare and contrast average listening time across episodes to understand what works and what doesn’t. This chart will help improve planning for future episodes. Please note: this chart is available on each episode detail page, which is accessible through the episodes list.

  • Average listen time: on average, how much time each listener spent listening to your podcast before dropping off

** Listener age, gender, and episode performance data is only from Spotify listens and should become available as soon as you receive listens!

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