Your audio library

Your audio library is where you will find any audio you've ever created or imported into your Anchor account, both the Anchor website or via the Anchor app! This is a good place to look for any intro or outro you continuously use, or any audio segment, making it much faster to create new episodes!

Further information can also be found in our Medium article here.

*Note - Be sure to finish saving your audio when uploading, recording, or importing it!

Mobile App:

  • From the home screen (creation screen), tap the '+' icon to access your creation tools, then tap the 'Library' icon
  • Add any audio segment to any episode by tapping the '+' icon
  • Import any audio from your mobile device by tapping the 'Import' button
  • Permanently delete any audio here from your account by tapping the '...' icon and then 'Permanently delete'


You can also find any audio you've created on Anchor from the Anchor website in the library section.


  • Login to the Anchor website
  • Click on 'New episode'
  • Click on 'Library'

You'll be able to view all saved audio in your account, including drafts you've saved in Anchor. You can also search for your audio segments at the top of the screen.


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