Adding songs to your episodes using the Music Tool

The blue Songs button lets you create a 30 second transition out of any song on Spotify.


Adding music with Spotify Premium

This is only available through the Anchor mobile app right now. 

  • If you add any music with this tool, monetization options will not be available for your your podcast until you remove the song(s), to protect you from any copyright issues
  • Keep in mind that music added this way to your episodes on Anchor, will not publish in your episodes on external podcast platforms

How to add

  1. From the home screen in the app, tap the '+' icon to access your creation tools, go all the way to the right by swiping through the tools at the bottom of the screen, to access the 'Songs' icon
  2. Connect to your Spotify Premium account
  3. Search or scroll through your playlists to find the song you wish to add to your episode
  4. Tap the 'Play' button to preview a track, or tap '+' to add the song to an episode

Song clips vs full songs

A listener will have to be logged into their Spotify Premium account to hear a full song, and that song will only be heard if they are listening to your podcast on Anchor only, which we do to prevent you from any copyright issues. You can toggle this setting via your Anchor account settings in the app if you would like though.

Scroll down to where it says 'Connect accounts' in the app settings for these settings. More information on updating those settings can be found through this help article.

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