Delete your account or podcast

While we hope you decide to continue podcasting with Anchor, we understand there are reasons why you might want to delete your podcast or account.

Please note that when you request for your account to be deleted, all data tied to the account will also be permanently deleted from our server. So make sure you back up everything before you request for your account to be deleted! This includes: 

  • All podcast episodes
  • All recorded or imported audio in your Library 
  • Your podcast analytics
  • Your podcast/episode artwork 
  • All Voice Messages
  • All podcast/episode descriptions

Deleting your Anchor account

Here's what you'll need to know before deleting your Anchor account:

  • If your account does not have a podcast that's been distributed to additional listening platforms, your account and all of your content will immediately be deleted
  • If your account has a podcast that was distributed externally, it can take up to 10 business days for your content to be fully removed from those platforms (e.g., Apple Podcasts)
  • Once your Anchor account has been deleted there is no turning back! All of your data will be lost once it's been deleted

To delete your account:

  • Log into your Anchor account on the web
  • Click 'Settings' on the top right hand side of the page
  • Click 'Update settings
  • Scroll down to and click on 'Delete account'
  • Click the red 'Delete my account' button
  • On the next screen confirm by clicking 'Yes, delete my account

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