Change your account password

To reset your account password:

  • Head to the Anchor website or the login screen in the Anchor app
  • Select 'Forgot password' on the main screen. It can be found under the purple login button
  • Type in the email address tied to your Anchor account
    • If you used Facebook or Twitter it should be the email address tied to that account
  • Hit 'reset password'

Due to security reasons, the reset password link in the email expires after 1 hour, so if you're unable to get to the link within that time, you can just request another email via the same steps.

If you didn't receive the password reset email:

  • Check your email inbox spam and junk folders
  • If you're using a Gmail account be sure to check the 'Social' tab
  • Try sending the password reset email again via the steps above
  • Still not receiving it? Contact us for more assistance as your email address could contain a typo, or the email tied to your Anchor account might not be correct

Multiple podcasts on one account 

Right now there isn't a way to have more than one podcast in an Anchor account but it's something we're looking into and hope to have down the line as we continue to grow. 

In the meantime, you'll need to create additional accounts linked to a different email address to have more than one podcast on Anchor. In the future, as we work on the feature, we'll make it super easy to merge your new and old accounts! 


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