Anchor Community Guidelines

Anchor Community Guidelines

At Anchor, our mission is to democratize audio. We believe there is value in providing a platform that enables a diverse range of voices and perspectives to share their stories with the world.

However, it is against our core values to promote content or opinions that may be harmful to others or may be breaking the law.

Below is a list of common-sense guidelines to creating content on Anchor. We hope that you will take these rules seriously, as they were written to help foster a positive community for all Anchor users. The list below is broad, but by no means comprehensive. Anchor reserves the right to remove any content that is deemed in violation of these guidelines or our Terms of Service. As the company grows and changes, these policies may change as well.

TL:DR: Play nice. Create great content.

Content Guidelines

No hateful content

Anchor is committed to free expression, but cannot host, amplify, or support content that incites violence or hatred (directly or indirectly) against individuals or groups. This extends to the incitement of hatred or violence against groups or individuals based on religion, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, nationality, veteran status, or sexual identity.

Dangerous Content

Please don’t encourage your listeners to do anything that might endanger themselves or others. This includes any kind of dangerous challenge, or the glorification of self-injury or disordered eating. It’s important to remember that your voice has influence.

We also draw the line at the instigation or promotion of illegal activities. We will restrict content that promotes or encourages the sale of illegal goods and services.

Violent or Graphic Content

Users are not allowed to post violent content, the primary goal of which is to shock and horrify a listening audience. Graphic depictions of violence or sexual abuse with this intent will be removed. When publishing depictions of violence as related to the news or the description of a crime as part of a larger narrative, please use good judgement and if possible, forewarn your audience.

Harassment, Cyberbullying, or an Invasion of Privacy

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on Anchor. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Doxxing: the practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization with the intention of inciting or abetting harassment of that individual or organization.
  • Threats: a declaration of one’s purpose or intent to cause harm to an individual or entity, or the encouragement of others to do so.
  • Libel and/or slander: defamation, whether written or spoken, is not welcome on Anchor.

We recognize that comments made about an individual or entity may not always be positive, but where those comments cross the line and become malicious, Anchor reserves the right to remove content and suspend individuals or groups. We want to create a community of diverse, thoughtful, impassioned opinions, but must ensure that these debates and opinions do not verge into the territory of harm or harassment.

Sexually Explicit Content

We respect the right of individuals to discuss issues of gender identity, sexual expression, and the human experience. Sexual content may be discussed in a way that is educational, scientific, documentarian, or artistic but not in ways that are violent, degrading, or humiliating to a group or individuals.


Anchor will remove any content that explicitly infringes on the copyright of anyone else, including but not limited to individuals, entertainers, or media companies. We may terminate any account we deem has violated another’s copyright, with or without notice. We believe strongly in the empowerment of creators, and that includes protecting their work from unlicensed use by others.



Anchor users may report content they believe to be in violation of community guidelines in the Anchor app, or by contacting us directly

Once a podcast has been flagged, the Anchor team will review the offending episode or show. If the content is found to be within the Anchor community guidelines, no action will be taken.

Anchor has the right to terminate accounts deemed to have violated our community guidelines with or without notice.

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