Anchor Sponsorships Overview

Anchor Sponsorships allows you to earn money from your podcast! Once you have 50 unique listeners, sponsorships will be unlocked for your podcast and you'll have the opportunity to earn money by getting sponsors for your podcast.

Please note: Monetization is only available to U.S. creators. Only those with a U.S. Social Security Number or Business Identification Number will be able to cash out their earnings. 


How do I sign up?

If you haven’t yet, create your Anchor account and make your first episode (or, if you already have a podcast, you can import your existing episodes to Anchor). Once you’ve done that, you can activate Sponsorships from the segment list of any episode, or from the Episode Builder as you’re putting one together. For more on this, check out our How to use Anchor Sponsorships help article.

How do you decide which sponsors to match my podcast with?

We work with a growing, handpicked group of brands and advertising agencies to match them with relevant podcasts to sponsor. We consider the genres and tone of podcasts, as well as listener numbers, when matching – any podcaster with Sponsorships activated will be considered!

You’ll always be able to decide which sponsors you want to work with, and where in your episodes your ads will appear.

How many sponsors can I work with?

There’s no limit to the number of sponsors your podcast can get matched with, and you can currently have up to 3 sponsorships segments per episode. If you ever have multiple active sponsors at a time, we will automatically place whichever has the highest CPM for your listeners earliest in your episode, to help maximize your potential revenue.

How do I know what to say? Do I have to follow a script?

All sponsors will provide details about their brand and what they’d like you to get across to your listeners (eg, “Make sure people know our whole menu is vegan!”). Some will provide a script to read from, but it’s up to you if you want to get creative and hit the talking points in a more organic way. For more advice on how to record a great audio ad, check out these tips.

Will my ads be reviewed before my listeners hear them?

Your ads will go live instantly, but some sponsors will want to listen to your ads to make sure you’re hitting their required talking points. While your funds are pending, sponsors can file a claim with us if they think an ad is inappropriate, low quality, or ignoring their requirements.

If we agree and find it to be an invalid ad, your campaign will end and we may revoke the money you’ve made from the sponsor. We do not anticipate doing this often, but to be on the safe side, we recommend taking your sponsorships seriously so you can ensure you don’t run into any problems.

*Note: Including Anchor Sponsorships in your episodes will automatically display information on each sponsor in your episode notes. This allows for your listeners to easily learn more about your sponsors. This information will be removed from your episode notes when the campaign has ended or if you remove the campaign.

I’m based outside of the US. Can I use Sponsorships?

Right now, Anchor Sponsorships is only available for U.S.-based podcasters. We hope to expand globally, so stay tuned to get updates for your region! You can request support for your country here.

To protect your safety online, we do not recommend using a proxy creator to set up payments through Stripe. A proxy creator is a friend, family member or acquaintance located in the US whose US bank account is used to receive the funds from your podcast.

How much money can I make?

The amount of money you can make from Sponsorships depends on a few factors:

  • How many episodes you have
  • How often you publish new episodes
  • How many listeners you get on your episodes
  • The CPM of each sponsor you're matched with
  • How much you promote your podcast

We recommend checking out this overview of how CPM works and how these numbers can affect your potential revenue.

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