Step-by-Step guide to setting up Sponsorships

 Please note: Monetization is only available to U.S. creators. Only those with a U.S. Social Security Number or Business Identification Number will be able to cash out their earnings. 


Activating Sponsorships 

  • Once you have 50 listeners for your podcast sponsorships will be unlocked! 
  • You will be prompted to activate Sponsorships and confirm that you are based in the US
  • If you're not quite ready to activate, you can do it later from the 'Money' section of Anchor
  • Once you've activated the feature, you'll be able to add up to 3 sponsored segments to your episodes. 

*Note: Each sponsored segment is a placeholder in your episode, where a recorded ad might play.


Viewing Sponsors & recording an ad

On web:

  • Select 'Money' from the top of your screen
  • Scroll down to view your Active Sponsorships
  • Tap 'Click to record'


On mobile:

  • Select the 'Money' tab from your profile
  • Click 'Tap to record' for any sponsor waiting for you to record


Note: If you decide to remove a sponsor, that campaign will be moved to the 'IGNORED' section of your Money page. 

Once you've selected 'Tap to record', you will be able to:

  • Review more details about the sponsor (including that campaign's CPM)
  • See their suggested script
  • Read some helpful recording tips
  • Listen to a recorded ad sample for some inspiration. Bolded parts of the script are required by the sponsor, but the rest of it is up to you!

We always recommend making your ads feel as natural as possible in your podcast. Everybody wins with good ads: your sponsors will be happy and want to keep paying you, and your listeners won’t feel like they’re listening to a commercial! 

*Note: You can import an audio file if you've decided to record your ad outside of Anchor.



Including ads in your episodes 

The best way to make sure all of your active campaigns are heard is to place multiple sponsored into each episode. To activate Sponsorships in an episode, just go into the episode detail page for each episode and 'Add another sponsored segment'.

Many sponsors do not support a post-roll ad (meaning a recorded ad segment put at the end of an episode). If you attempt to add a sponsored segment at the end of your episode, and post-roll is not supported, we'll let you know that an ad will not play in that spot.

*Note: Including Anchor Sponsorships in your episodes will automatically display information on each sponsor in your episode notes. This allows for your listeners to easily learn more about your sponsors. This information will be removed from your episode notes when the campaign has ended or if you remove the campaign.




Ad placement and working with multiple sponsors

You may have more than one campaign active at a given time (how exciting!) and we recommend that you record ads for those sponsors as soon as possible to maximize your potential revenue. You can place up to three sponsored segments per episode, and we’ll automatically play the campaigns with the highest CPM.

If one of your sponsors requires a midroll, you’ll need to make sure your sponsored segment is placed in-between 2 segments of your episode. If a sponsor does require a midroll, but you don’t place it in the middle of your episode, you won’t make money from it until you make it a midroll spot.

If you haven’t placed a midroll required sponsor in the middle of your episode, we’ll automatically play the ad you recorded for the with next highest CPM sponsor, if one is available. We'll give the floor to our Producer one more time for more helpful tips on this.


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