Setting up midroll ads


Please note: Monetization is only available to U.S. creators. Only those with a U.S. Social Security Number or Business Identification Number will be able to cash out their earnings. 

Some sponsors (particularly those who are willing to pay a higher CPM) require what’s called “midroll” — ads that play in the middle of your episode, instead of at the beginning or the end. If you get matched with one of these sponsors, you’ll need to place it in the middle of your episode. If you already have multiple segments in your episode, all you'll have to do is insert your ad in the middle of two segments. If your podcast episode contains only one segment, the split tool will help you make two segments to place the ad between.

Once you place an ad spot in an episode, it will remain there even as you switch sponsors or start new campaigns—the content of the ads will switch out automatically and publish across every platform where your podcast is heard, in the same position where you originally placed the ad spot.

Note: You’ll still be allowed by the system to record one of these ads from the 'Money' tab without placing it in the middle of your episode, but you won’t make money from it until you make it a midroll spot.


Using the split tool

On web:Split_1__1_.png

On mobile:



Once you've split your audio, rearrange segments to place the Sponsorships ad in between the two split segments to properly place it as a midroll. 

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