Updating Stripe account information

Once you've activated Anchor payments, you'll have to set up your Stripe Express account.  If you need to make changes to the information in your account, you can update some of those in the 'Money' page of your Anchor profile. For other details, you may need to reach out to Stripe Support directly. 

** Please note: multiple Anchor accounts cannot be tied to a single Stripe account. You will need to create a unique Stripe account per Anchor account.

Stripe account changes handled by Stripe Support

  • Updating your Email address
  • Updating your phone number
  • Viewing/changing tax information 

Stripe account changes you make in Anchor

  • Changes to your debit card or bank information 
  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth 
  • last 4 SSN


Viewing your Stripe Express account in Anchor 

If you need to make changes to the account details listed above, you can login to the web version of Anchor to update those.

  • Visit anchor.fm on a desktop computer or laptop, and login to your account 
  • Select 'Money' at the top of your screen 
  • Scroll down to the 'Your Wallet' section 
  • Under 'Current Balance' click 'Access Stripe Dashboard'


  • You might receive a prompt to check your text messages for a 6-digit verification code from Stripe 
  • Enter the code, and you'll be brought to your Stripe Express dashboard 
  • In the next screen you can see your payouts or your account info
  • Click "Account" to edit your bank information, email, or phone number on the next screen


Problems accessing the Stripe dashboard

You should receive a 2-factor authentication text message from Stripe to verify your identity before you can log in to your Stripe Express dashboard.

In order to protect your private information, you'll need to reach out to Stripe Support if you've had a change to your phone number or Email since setting up your account. Additionally, Stripe can assist you with any changes you may need to make to your tax information. 

Deleting your Stripe account

If you no longer want your Stripe account associated with your Anchor account there are two options for disconnection/removal:

1. Disconnecting your Stripe Express account with Anchor for further access in another account
2. Deleting your Stripe Express account with Anchor to delete your bank information from our system

If you would like either of these options be done to your Stripe Express account, contact us and we'd be happy to disconnect or delete your account.

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