Switching your podcast to Anchor


If you're an existing podcaster who would like to migrate to Anchor, you can easily switch over without losing your existing episodes or podcast presence on other platforms. Here's what you need to know:




To start the process, visit our Switch page and paste in your RSS feed or search for your podcast name. Once you've selected your podcast, you'll be prompted to sign up for an Anchor account. You can also choose to import your podcast into an existing account if you've already made one. Keep in mind that Anchor officially supports imports from these hosts.


What it means to redirect your feed

Once you’ve completed the import step, you’ll need to redirect your RSS feed so it points to your new Anchor URL; making sure your feed points to an Anchor URL is an important last step before we are able to distribute your podcast to more platforms! If you import your podcast but don't finish the redirect step, any new episodes you create will not sync to your existing show. (Also, keep in mind that your account on your old host should only be deactivated after you can confirm that the redirect has worked)!


Make sure the redirect is in place

To confirm that your redirect worked, navigate to your old RSS feed and copy and paste into your browser. If it redirects to an Anchor link, you’re all set! Confirm that all your episodes are successfully appearing on your Anchor profile, and then you can go ahead and cancel your account with your old host.


Redirect from your old host

Redirecting from most hosts entails that you place your new Anchor RSS feed somewhere in the settings of your old account. You can find your Anchor RSS feed at the top of your Anchor Distribution page. On the other hand, some hosts may require that you reach out directly to their support team though to set up a 301 redirect.


Connecting your existing show listings

Congratulations! You’ve officially redirected your podcast. If you’ve already distributed your show to listening apps, you can add the links to these listings in your Podcast Availability. This will create a badge on your public Anchor profile for listeners to know which apps you’re available on!

Migrating back to Anchor 

If you originally hosted your podcast on Anchor, then moved to a different hosting platform, and are now migrating back to Anchor, you will need to manually upload the episodes you published from your current host to Anchor. We unfortunately are not able to bulk import them for you.

For instructions on how to import the episodes you originally published from your current host, click here. Note that if you want all of your episodes to show up in chronological order, you’ll need to schedule them at an earlier date.


If you're having trouble redirecting from your old host check out this article to find out how.


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