Redirecting from Feedburner

Before you can redirect your podcast, you'll want to make sure you've imported your existing feed into Anchor. This video explains what it means to import and redirect your feed:



If you use Feedburner in addition to your old hosting platform, you'll need to complete the redirect step to Feedburner after you've completed the redirect through your original hosting platform. So, for example, if you hosted your podcast on SoundCloud you would first complete the redirect process from SoundCloud to Anchor, and then also complete the redirect on Feedburner from SoundCloud to Anchor. Here are the steps to follow once you've completed the redirect from your old host to Anchor:

1. Sign in to your Feedburner account and select the podcast feed you are looking to redirect



2. Select "Edit Feed Details" from the dashboard



3. Highlight the "Original Feed," which displays the RSS feed of the hosting platform you are moving away from



4. Insert your new Anchor RSS feed in its place


5. Hit "Save feed details!"

*Important to note! If you would like to maintain all of your subscribers from your old host, do not update the "Feed Address" field. This acts as the URL that your listeners subscribe to so that if the platform your podcast is hosted on changes, your subscribers are still pointed to the same place.


If you have any trouble along the way, please use our Contact Us form to reach out for help!

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