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    Muhammad Murtadho

    It almost two days my episode been released and i still not registered to spotify yet. What should i do?

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    My podcast appeared in Spotify but you can only reach it via entering the full name of the podcast. doesn't appear in the podcasts list ! how is this possible?


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    Bernie Ramos

    My first podcast was in spotify but now it doesn`t appear. Also my second episode do not appear also. Wath can I do?

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    Uploaded a podcast episode nearly a week ago - haven’t got a rejection email but it isn’t up on Spotify either? Please help!

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    Kulminasi studio

    My podcast isn't up to Spotify yet. I have the music in my podcast. But I have made them all by myself. Can you help me?

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    Gladness Masinga

    My podcast is already in Spotify but my listeners can't find it,when they click the link it says podcast not available in your country also some cannot see the content


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