Your podcast on Spotify

Once you've published your first episode, your podcast will automatically appear on Spotify!

You can share your podcast on Spotify with an even wider audience: your Instagram followers! Share specific episodes once they are published to let everybody know that you've got a new episode, or just share your podcast so new followers can start from the beginning. By sharing your podcast or podcast episodes straight to your Instagram story, your friends and followers will be able to follow a link straight to your podcast page in Spotify, where they can "Follow" your podcast just like you would a music playlist. Using this share feature is a great way to get new listeners!

Share your podcast to your Instagram story

By sharing your podcast to your Instagram story, your friends and followers can "Follow" your show on Spotify straight from the app.

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Share your podcast episodes

Or, tap into your latest episode to let your friends know there's a new episode out!


Once the episode is posted, anyone who sees your Instagram Story will be able to tap "Play on Spotify" to bring them directly to that episode within the Spotify app.



Spotify account linking 

You can link up to your Spotify listing by heading over to Spotify for Podcasters and following these instructions!

Troubleshooting Spotify Distribution

New podcasts and episodes can take 24 hours to appear on Spotify.

If you don't see your podcast or new episode after 24 hours, send us a message and we'll take a look.

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