Podcast rejected for distribution

If you receive a notification that your podcast hasn't been distributed, this means it has one or more content violations that could result in a rejection from listening apps. Here’s a list of best practices to ensure you get listed everywhere. The good news is, once you've resolved the issue(s) your podcast will be automatically distributed. Here are some of the reasons your podcast may be rejected:

  • Your podcast title must not contain special characters or extraneous details about your podcast
  • Your podcast must include a unique description
  • Your episode title cannot contain episode numbers (including various forms of “Episode 01”, “#1”, “S1 E1”, etc)
  • Your podcast cannot imply through description, podcast name, episode title, or episode description that it is a “test” - you'll want each of these to be unique to your podcast
  • Your podcast name, description, or imagery may not use explicit or self-censored content, or excessive profanity
  • Your podcast cannot include third-party copyrighted content (like logos, images, or product names)
  • Your podcast name cannot be your own full name

For more information on content guidelines, here’s a great list from Apple Podcasts as an example of what apps generally look for.

If your podcast has been rejected for distribution and you’ve confirmed all of the content requirements have been met, you can reach out to us for email support here.

You'll be able to make many of these adjustments from your Profile Settings.

When you’re ready, resubmit your podcast through the Distribution tab in the Anchor mobile app, or contact us. We're excited to help your podcast!

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