Episode Types - Trailers, Full episodes, and Bonus episodes

Episode types are used to mark your episodes as either a full episode, a trailer, or a bonus episode. When you select a Trailer or Bonus episode type in Anchor, it will appear as such on all other supported listening platforms.


If you’re planning to announce your new podcast on a certain date, you’ll want to make sure that your podcast is available on listening platforms in advance. Publishing a short trailer is a great way to ensure that your podcast is approved and published on all the platforms you care about long before you officially announce your first episode.

Trailers can also be used as a promotional tool for an upcoming season of a podcast. If there’s a new season of your podcast coming up, publish a Trailer to let your audience know what it will be about. (Tip! You can use this in conjunction with season and episode numbers to mark it as “Season 2, Trailer” for example.)


Bonus episodes can be used in a couple of ways. To name a few, you can incorporate after shows, deleted scenes, or behind-the-scenes as bonus episodes. It’s a great way to keep your listeners engaged between your regular episodes! 


By default, all episodes are marked as the “Full” type. Full episodes can have any season number, episode number, or both! Adding season and episode numbers can be used to organize your episodes.


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