Accessing Apple Podcasts Analytics

In addition to viewing your podcast analytics in Anchor, you can also access your podcast's stats directly from Apple Podcasts. This will give you even more valuable insights into your episode performance, demographics, and more. 

To access your analytics and subscriber information on Apple Podcasts, you'll need to add the email address associated with your account to your public RSS feed. From here, you'll want to locate your RSS feed (instructions below) to submit it to Apple Podcasts.

Step 1: Change Email Address in your RSS Feed

settings_with_arrow.png distribution_with_arrow.png toggle_here.png

  • Click 'Settings' in the top right of your Dashboard, and select 'Distribution'
  • Scroll down to Advanced Settings, you can toggle on or off 'Display personal email address publicly in RSS feed'  
  • Remember to scroll back up and click 'Save' to update this change to your RSS feed
  • After approximately 10 minutes, you can check your RSS feed to confirm this change

Step 2: Accessing your Apple Podcasts analytics

  1. You'll want to create an Apple ID using the email address associated with your Anchor account
  2. Get in touch with Apple through their Contact Us page (or send them an email at and request that they transfer ownership to your account; make sure to provide your RSS feed (It can take about 10-15 minutes for the browser cache to clear, so we recommend waiting a moment from the time you change the email in your RSS feed before you submit to iTunes)

  3. Apple will send you a 6-digit code to enter into your RSS feed. You can enter your code directly into your RSS feed from your distribution page. This can be found under "Advanced Settings". Be sure to scroll back up and click Save after inserting your code


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