Updating your Spotify listing after switching to Anchor

After redirecting your podcast to Anchor, you'll need to update your Spotify listing to your new RSS feed and reflect that Anchor is your hosting provider. This helps to prevent duplicate listings of your show from being created

To update this, you'll need to set up your Spotify for Podcasters account. Spotify for Podcasters is an analytics tool that offers valuable insights into your podcast’s episode performance, demographics and more! 

**If you already have your Spotify for Podcasters account set up, feel free to skip to Step 2

Step 1: Connect your podcast RSS feed to your Spotify for Podcasters account.

  • Visit podcasters.spotify.com.
  • Complete the initial setup flow.
  • Enter your Anchor RSS feed. Note: You can only claim podcasts that you own the rights to. 
  • Spotify will send an email with an 8-digit code
  • Enter that code on the final page and you're all set! 

**If you receive an error here, please reach out to podcasters-support@spotify.com**

Step 2: Update the hosting provider section in Spotify for Podcasters.

  • From the home page, click the Catalog tab at the top menu.

  • Select your podcast listing
  • Under the show stats, click Details
  • Click Update
  • Paste your Anchor RSS feed into the Link To RSS Feed box
  • Click the green Next button on the bottom right hand side of your screen
  • On the next screen, select Anchor from the hosting provider dropdown menu
  • Confirm your RSS Feed and your hosting provider are correct
  • Click Submit
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