Trailers FAQ

You can create show level trailers for your podcast. Your trailer will help get your show discovered and get your listeners excited about your full-length episodes. Think of your trailer as your show's elevator pitch and a way to hook new listeners. 

Below, we hope to answer most of your questions, and when you're ready to create your trailer check out this step-by-step guide.

What is a show trailer?

Think of a show trailer like a TV series trailer - it's meant to give your potential audience an opportunity to see what you and your podcast are all about so that they can decide if they'd like to tune in.

Why would I want to create a trailer?

Recording a trailer increases your podcast's discoverability and gives you the opportunity to gain new listeners by giving them an exciting preview of what your show is all about.

How long can the trailer be?

Your trailer must be under 60 seconds long.

Can I make a trailer for my episodes?

The trailer feature is specific for show level trailers, but you can also make episode level trailers (which would tease each of your episodes) by tagging them as a trailer when you set up the episode.

Can I create a trailer on web?

Currently, creating and publishing trailers is only available on mobile.

Do I have to create a trailer?

Nope! But we recommend it, as it will help your podcast get discovered by new audiences.

Can I import audio into Anchor for my trailer?

Yes! Friendly reminder that your audio segment must be under one minute.

What if I already recorded a trailer episode? Can I convert it into an official trailer?

Yes! You'll want to make sure it's less than 60 seconds long, and from there you can export that audio onto your device, and upload it back into Anchor as a trailer. 

What languages are supported for recording a trailer?

We currently support:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese Brazilian
  • Swedish

We hope to support more languages in the future!

What is the trailer transcription for?

The trailer transcription allows you to share your trailer on social media and other platforms where your future listeners might be!

I marked an episode over one minute in length as a trailer in Anchor. Will it show up in Spotify?

Yes! Spotify has no time limit on trailers, though they will recommend to keep your trailers short.

What happens if I have multiple episodes marked as a trailer in Anchor? Which one will appear at the top of my Spotify page?

If you have multiple episodes marked as a trailer in Anchor, the trailer with the earliest timestamp will appear as your featured trailer on your Spotify podcast page. If you would like to select a different trailer as your featured trailer, mark your preferred trailer as a ‘Trailer episode’ and mark all other episodes as a ‘Full episode’’ or ‘Bonus episode’.

You can do this by going to Your Podcast > Episodes, selecting an episode, tapping ‘...’ and then ‘Update episode details.’ From there, tap next to ‘Episode Type’ and select ‘Trailer episode’ for your show trailer, and ‘Full episode’ or ‘Bonus episode’ for all other episodes.

What happens if I select an episode as my trailer within Spotify for Podcasters that’s different than the one I marked as ‘Trailer episode’ in Anchor?

If you use both Anchor and Spotify for Podcasters, whichever you select as a show-level trailer in Spotify for Podcasters will take priority. If you only use Anchor and not Spotify for Podcasters, you only need to select one episode as ‘Trailer episode’ within Anchor and that will be reflected in Spotify. 




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