Having trouble redirecting from your old host?

You have finished importing your podcast to Anchor using our Switch tool and now it's time to redirect your RSS feed. It's possible that your old host does not support feed redirects – that's okay! We can still help you get your RSS feed set up so that it points to your new Anchor URL.

Once you have imported your podcast and confirmed that your old host does not support redirects let us know and we will break the connection with your old host. Make sure you've completed all the steps below before reaching out to let us know that you need the connection to your old host broken. This will ensure a more seamless redirect!

  1. You imported your RSS feed into Anchor, and a copy of all of your episodes now exists in your Anchor account? 
    This creates a copy of your podcast on Anchor's hosting!
  2. You've confirmed with your old host that they do not support 301 redirects.
    If the host does not support redirects, let us know once you've completed the other steps and we can break the connection with your old host.
  3. You've added all of your listening app links to the Podcast Availability page.
    This adds a badge for the listening app on your public Anchor profile.
  4. You will need to reach out to each platform to update them of your new RSS feed if your old host does not support redirecting.
    We do know that, for Spotify, you can follow these instructions, and for Apple you can contact them here.


Here are a couple things to note after completing the above and reaching out to us letting us know to break the feed to your old host:

  1. You can now cancel your account with your old host if you'd like. Your podcast is now fully hosted on Anchor!
  2. If you notice that your first published episode on Anchor does not push to other platforms, that usually means the external platform is not aware of the change in your host. You'll want to reach out and remind them that you're now hosted on Anchor.
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