U.S.-based Anchor Voter Registration Sponsorships Campaign FAQs

Anchor is teaming up with three nonprofit and nonpartisan organizations (HeadCount, BallotReady, and Democracy Works) who are making the U.S. voting process easier. You can help play your part by recording an ad to boost voter registration and encourage your listeners to cast their ballots in November. Below is a list of some frequently asked questions regarding these campaigns.

How do the voter registration campaigns work?

The voter registration campaigns are similar to our normal campaigns. Podcasters will be paired with three different campaigns. You'll be notified in your Anchor account and see scripts for these three campaigns to choose which campaign you want to include in your episodes.

Where can I access these campaigns?

You will find these campaigns in your Money tab on your Anchor mobile app and on the web. If you have not enable Sponsorships in your Anchor account, you will need to enable Sponsorships in order to access these ad campaigns.

How much will I earn from these campaigns?

Since these campaigns are for charity, they will have a $0 CPM meaning our podcasters will be reading these ads for free and these ads will get free impressions.

I live outside of the US, will I be paired with a voter registration campaign?

We know everyone loves to give back and while we wish that every creator could be paired with a voter registration campaign, only US creators will able to record a voter registration campaign ad.

If you’re not based in the U.S., you can still get involved. Seek out local organizations in your community that you want to support and offer to record a public service announcement for their organization on your podcast!

I was paired with a voter registration campaign ad. Do I have to record an ad?

Our voter registration ad campaigns are optional. If you do not want to record an ad you don't have to. The choice is completely yours!

Can I read for more than one voter registration campaign?

Absolutely! Just be sure to include the correct amount of sponsorship segment slots in your episodes.

Will my regular paid ad(s) still play if I record a voter registration campaign ad?

They sure will! Your regular ad(s) will still play. Just make sure you include an additional sponsored segment slot in your episode so that the holiday campaign ad is included in your episode(s).

How do I ensure my voter registration campaign ad plays in my episodes?

This ad will be added into your episodes wherever you have Sponsorships segments activated, including already-published episodes. To ensure your ad plays during your podcast, please include more than one sponsored segment in your episode. This can be done in the "create your episode" page by selecting "add another sponsored segment."

Please keep in mind that you can only have up to three ad slots total in each episode, so if you have two existing paid ads and you want to read two voter registration ads, you’ll need to temporarily take down one of the paid ads to serve the second voter registration ad.


Any additional questions? Feel free to contact us.




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