How to make a podcast on the Anchor app

Anchor is an all-in-one platform where you can create, distribute, and monetize your podcast for free.

Here's a step-by-step guide to making a podcast with the Anchor app and getting it heard everywhere. Now with mobile milestones, we'll guide you through the process and indicate your level of podcast completion each step of the way.

(Note: You can use Anchor interchangeably on web, iPad, and mobile, and any audio you create on one platform will be synced across your Anchor account, but this guide shows you how to do everything with just your phone.)

Creating an account

  • Download the Anchor app from the App Store (iOS or Android). You can also log in with an existing account, or create a new account using Facebook or your email address.


Creating an episode

The app will open to the Trailers page. Here you can record a quick introduction to your podcast, and even add background music. If you don't record your trailer now you will have the option to come back and record one later.

  • For now, click on the (X) at the top of your screen to be brought to your episode builder (black screen as shown below). You'll see your first milestone at the top -- 0/5 Learn how to start your podcast-- let's get you started!

  • From your episode builders, tap the purple + to view your podcasting tools.


  • Tap Record to start recording.


  • Tap X to stop recording.


Note: Recording in the Anchor mobile app is capped at 60 minutes, but you can always record multiple segments and add them in your episode builder. They will play in one continuous flow.

  • You can preview your recording in the next screen.
  • Edit, if necessary, by tapping Trim.


  • Move the sliders to identify where your recording should start and end.


  • To add background music, tap Add Background Music.


  • You can choose from a drop-down menu of tracks with different moods/themes.


  • Tap the check mark to save your recording.


Recordings save in the Episode Builder.

  • Tap and drag segments to rearrange them.
  • You can tap the purple + to see your other tools.
  • You can add audio you’ve previously recorded or uploaded by tapping Library.
  • Make sure to tap Save afterward.


  • To upload audio to your Library (your Library will always have a purple background as shown below), tap the purple file folder and tap Import in the top right corner.
  • You can select audio from your phone to upload.


  • You can also add Sounds for emphasis, Interludes to transition between segments, and Voice Messages to incorporate audio sent directly to you from your listeners.

newimagesounds.png  newimagevm.png  newimageinter.png

 Note: Tap the three dots (•••) on any segment in the episode builder to see a menu of options for that segment.

Publishing your episode

  • When you’re done creating your episode, hit Publish now
  • You’ll be prompted to give your episode a title and a description. (Make it clear, concise, and snappy!) This will show up in podcast directories and search, and can help listeners find your show. You'll also be able to give your podcast a name, and describe your podcast on the next few screens. 


Setting up your podcast

Before you publish your first episode, you should also give your podcast a memorable name and description. 

  • Upload cover art OR choose an image, font, and color customization with the Cover Art Creator. Your image should be a perfect square, 3000x3000 pixel image which clearly depicts the name of your podcast. You can always make changes later!
  • Your podcast is now set up! Next step is to get it distributed.
  • To opt into automatic distribution by Anchor, be sure to click on "Great, thanks" on the following screen. If you would prefer to self-distribute your podcast to external platforms, you can click on "I'd rather do this myself (advanced)".
  • Congratulations! Your podcast has now been distributed to external platforms. Now you can continue on with your additional milestones by tapping on "Ok, got it."


Setting up monetization (for US based podcasters)


  • When you tap on your fourth milestone, you'll be brought to your Money tab. 
  • Click on "Activate now" to set up monetization


  • You can start making money by reading your first ad for Anchor. Tap on "Cool, let's do it" to record your ad. 


  • You'll be brought to your ad's details page. Here you can read important details on your ad. 
  • If you need help figuring out what to say, click "Script" and we've got you covered! But you can of course, feel free to make your ad your own!
  • You can also take on "Tips" for more information on how to record to good ad.
  • Click the red "Record" button at the bottom of your screen to begin recording your ad.


  • Once you've recorded your ad, you have the option to edit it, record again, or submit it. 
  • When you're pleased with your recording, click the purple "Submit" button.



  • Now that your first ad is recorded, you can set up Anchor payments. As a reminder, this is currently only available in the US. Click "Set up Anchor Payments" when you're ready to set up your account. You can come back to this at anytime through your Money tab.
  • For now, we'll move forward with your last milestone-- getting listeners! 
  • Back in your milestones list, tap on your final milestone to begin sharing your podcast.



  • You'll have the option to share your podcast through text message, social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, and copying your link to share everywhere. 
  • Click on your desired method of sharing (or use them all!) and start sharing your voice with the world!


Have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Happy podcasting!


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