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Account/Login FAQ's

Can’t login - my account is blank.

If you have an active account - meaning your is still working - but the one you’ve logged into is blank, it probably means you’ve accidentally created a dupli'cate blank account! You will want to log out and try logging in with a different login combination. 

I’m not getting the password reset email.

If you have an active account - meaning your is still working - but you’re not receiving the reset email then you are likely sending it to the wrong email address. Try a different email address that you may have used and see if it goes there.

The Anchor logo is on my cover art even after I tried to remove it.

Try reuploading your cover art and toggling off the logo on cover art to see if that resets it!

How to change my email address?

You can change the email address from your settings. It will take about 15 minutes to take effect. 

Can I have multiple podcasts on one account?

Not at this time.

Can I have a private/password protected podcast?

Not at this time.

Where is my RSS feed?

Your RSS feed is found in your Distribution Settings.

On one device I am logged in, but on another device my podcast is blank!

If you have an active account - meaning your is still working - but the one you’ve logged into is blank, it probably means you’ve accidentally created a duplicate blank account! Check to see which email the one that’s logged in is associated with (it’s in your settings!) and then use that email address to log in on your other device.

My name on external platforms is wrong!

Double check that the names in your settings are all correct! Once you’ve double checked that, know that it takes 24 hours for updates to reflect across all platforms.

I changed something in my settings and it is not updating!

Double check that the settings to confirm that it saved correctly! Once you’ve double checked that, know that it takes 24 hours for updates to reflect across all platforms.

I’m not receiving my verification email.

Double check that you entered the email address correctly - you can find your email address in your settings.

How do I deactivate Listener Support?

Anchor support staff can help you with that, please submit a support ticket with the subject “Please deactivate listener support”


Distribution FAQ’s

Can I change the URL for distribution links to match my brand?

No, unfortunately you can’t change the URLs of the listings on external platforms.

My distribution links for Spotify or Google are not working - it goes to a 404 page.

For Spotify, it will likely take about 24 hours to become active. For Google Podcasts, it takes about a week. If you’re still having trouble with Google Podcasts after a week please reach out to their support team.

My podcast is not on Deezer.

Anchor currently does not distribute your podcast to Deezer and you will need to submit it yourself.

How do I get my podcast on YouTube?

Currently, we don't have an integration that allows you to publish your podcast directly to YouTube, but we recommend a third-party site, like Tunes to Tube

I submitted my podcast for distribution, but it’s still not on other platforms yet.

It's likely still pending for distribution! If it's been over a week please send us a support request at our form.

My podcast is on some other platforms, but still isn’t on Apple.

First, search Apple for your podcast. If you still don’t find it, please fill out this form.

How do I cancel distribution or take my show off of a platform?

Once you are opted-in to distribution with Anchor you cannot cancel the distribution request. You’ll need to reach out to those platforms individually and ask them to remove your podcast.

My podcast is not on Google Podcasts yet.

Google Podcasts can sometimes take a 2 weeks to accept your podcast. If you’ve been accepted elsewhere then it’s likely just a matter of time!

I deleted all of my episodes and restarted my podcast, but now it’s not updating on external platforms.

Deleting all of your old episodes will break your RSS feed and distribution links. You’ll want to start your account and podcast over fresh and you will be good to go from there.

My podcast is not on Stitcher.

We no longer support distribution to Stitcher, but we have an article that can help you submit it yourself here.


Monetization/Sponsorship FAQs

Can I have sponsorships if I live outside of the US?

No - we are only able to offer sponsorships and monetization to users within the US right now. Monetization (this includes Listener Support and Sponsorships) is only available to U.S. creators. Only those with a U.S. Social Security Number or Business Identification Number will be able to cash out their earnings. 

How do I get a new sponsor?

New sponsors are first matched with shows who have a growing audience base and whose ads have performed well in the past -- we currently aren't able to guarantee you a sponsor at all times, and we recommend continuing to grow your show to qualify for new sponsors in the future.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Not at this time.


Audio/Technical FAQs

I’m having trouble uploading audio.

Try uploading an MP3 version of your audio. If the audio is too large, please compress the file and try again. If that doesn’t do the trick, reach out to the Anchor support team.

I can’t find my recording!

All recordings should land in your Library after they’ve finished processing! Here’s some more information on how to find your Library.

My file is stuck in processing.

It’s possible your recording or upload might be still processing. If an hour passes and processing is still taking place, reach out to the Anchor support team.


Switching/Redirect FAQ’s

I want to do a 301 redirect of podcast away from Anchor.

Sure thing! You can insert the URL to your new host directly into your Anchor account on the web. Navigate to Settings > Distribution> scroll down to Advanced Settings and you'll see a box to insert your URL. Paste your URL in and click on Redirect my podcast. 

I want to redirect my podcast to Anchor from another host.

We have some really helpful articles for you here. Do keep in mind our list of supported hosts here.

I recently redirected to Anchor and now I have duplicate listings on external platforms.

No problem! Fill out the support form and as the “Brief Description” of your issue please enter “Duplicate listings on X platform” and we will get that taken care of ASAP.

I want to switch back to Anchor, how do I do that?

We can remove the redirect for you! Please send us a request to our support form with the brief overview of “Need to cancel my redirect”. FYI - you’ll need to upload any episodes since you left Anchor into Anchor manually. 


Analytics FAQ's

My podcast analytics are wrong!

It’s likely that you may be seeing a delay in your analytics showing up on Anchor. We are quite confident in our analytics tracking, and rarely do we find that there is anything wrong with the tracking itself.

How long does it take for my listens to show up in Anchor?

It depends on the platform that the person listened on, but at the longest it will take 24 hours.

I want to get access to my podcast analytics directly from Spotify and Apple.

Great, here are some help articles for you: Accessing analytics on Apple and Spotify.

I want to get access to my podcast analytics on all platforms.

If you’re trying to gain access to your analytics on platforms other than Spotify and Apple (see above) then you’ll likely need to add your email address to your RSS feed and then contact that platform’s support team to gain access!

I am trying to get access to my analytics but it says my RSS feed is missing my email address.

No problem! You can update the email in your RSS feed by following the instructions in this help article.

Can I add a prefix to my RSS feed to track analytics (like Podcorn, Chartable, etc.)?

No, unfortunately we don’t support this right now.

Taxes FAQ's

How will taxes work?

Anchor uses Connect, part of Stripe, to help with taxes. 

When signing up for Stripe you will need to enter your personal information such as Legal Entity Name and Type, Tax ID number, and address. It is important you fill this information out correctly as it will be used to file your 1099 at the end of the year. 

If you’ve earned $600 or more during the year, Anchor will ask Connect to generate a 1099-NEC form for you before the annual tax reporting deadline. You need this information when reporting your taxes. To ensure you receive your 1099-NEC form timely make sure you complete all of your personal information in your Stripe account by January 1st.

When can I expect to receive my 1099?

If you’ve earned $600 or more during the year, and properly entered your personal information to your Stripe account, you should expect to receive your 1099-NEC in the mail before February 15th.  You can then file your taxes as you normally would.

I made more than $600 and I still did not receive a 1099.

1099s are only required to be filed for individuals, partnerships and LLCs. Therefore, if you are a corporation or an LLC filing as a corporation, no 1099 is required to be filed.

Why does my 1099-NEC say Spotify USA Inc?

Anchor was acquired by Spotify USA Inc in 2019. Therefore, Anchor’s tax reporting will be filed by Spotify USA, Inc. 

For more information, contact Anchor Support here.

Other FAQ's

Can I do live podcasting with Anchor?

Not at this time! You can use Spotify Greenroom to create a live experience, and post recordings to Anchor!

Can I add video to my podcast?

Not at this time, but you can transcribe your podcast into videos for social media! Learn more here.

I signed up to support a podcast. How do I cancel my Listener Support subscription?

There will be a link in the original email you got when you signed up for the subscription! If you can’t find that email, then please head to our contact form to get in touch with us. Please provide the email address you think you used, and the Anchor URL of the podcast you support.





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