Record With Friends - Connectivity Issues

Record With Friends is an Anchor feature that allows you to record your podcast audio with up to four remote guests. Your guests can use their Anchor app or Anchor on the web to join in on your call. Now with Record With Friends on the web, your guests do not have to create an account or login to join your call.

*Note: The call must be initiated from the Anchor mobile app, however your guests can join the call from their mobile app or from a web browser. Your guests must have the Anchor app and an account/login if they choose to join from their mobile device.

Additionally, this feature is not compatible with most external microphones when used with the mobile app. For reliability in recording with this feature on your mobile device, we advise you and your guests talk directly into the mobile phone being used during the call. 

Connectivity Issues

Ensuring that you and your guest(s) are connected to a stable WiFi connection will yield the best results during your call. Issues with connectivity can cause different problems during your call. If you experience any of the following we recommend checking your WiFi connection, making sure that you and your guests are on the latest version of the Anchor app and trying the call again.

  • Experience trouble connecting to call / the call does not appear to start
  • The call begins but the music played while you are waiting for guests to join does not turn off
  • The call begins but either the host or the guest(s) cannot hear the other people on the call
  • You hear audible playback, an echo, or a clicking noise while someone on the call is speaking
  • The call drops unexpectedly 
  • Upon playback you hear an overlap or delay in audio. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way for us to fix any issues with the call quality upon playback. Our hope is to fix these issues in the future as we continue to update and improve our Record With Friends feature.

If you have any additional questions-- please contact us to let us know!


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