Distribution FAQs

Check out the FAQs below to help answer questions regarding your podcast's distribution!

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How long does it take for my podcast to appear on external apps after I've submitted my podcast to external platforms?
Each app has its own timeline for publishing new shows. Once you've submitted your podcast to an external platform, it's at their discretion to make your show active. We recommend reaching out to the corresponding support team for the platform you're not seeing your podcast active on yet.

I received a link/URL from a platform after I distributed it, but it's not opening or giving an error.
Some platforms may give you a listing before things are completely set up. We recommend waiting a few minutes and checking your URL again. If you see it remain inactive, the platform's support team should be able to take a closer look.

Can I change/edit my URLs from external platforms? I want them to reflect my podcast's title.

Unfortunately you can't edit the URLs provided by each app. Editing them will break the URL, so leave them as is so that your audience can access your listings!

How do I submit my podcast to X platform?
Check out this help article for a list of help articles for different platforms.

I found my podcast on apps that I did not manually add myself. Why did this happen?
It's possible to find your podcast on apps you did not manually submit it to. This is because a lot of third party apps will "scrape" your RSS feed from major apps to feature on their own app. If you want your podcast removed from any of these apps, you will need to contact them directly.

How long after publishing an episode does it usually take to appear on other apps?
Published episodes will be immediately available on Anchor and your RSS feed if you've enabled it. Other listening apps will reflect any changes to your podcast (including new episodes) within 24 hours. If an episode is not appearing in your RSS feed after 24 hours, contact us and help will be on the way!

Why isn’t my podcast appearing on other apps?
New episodes or changes to your podcast should reflect on other apps within 24 hours. You will need to submit your podcast to any platform you may want it on. You can follow the steps listed here to do that!

Why do I have duplicate listings on X platform(s)?
If you're seeing a duplicate listing on a platform, please let our support team know!

Why do my analytics look off?
Some apps require 24 hours to update listener data in your Anchor Dashboard. This means that if someone listened to your podcast today, that play may not reflect in your Anchor Dashboard until tomorrow.

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