Monetization FAQs

Check out the FAQs below to help answer questions regarding monetization on Anchor!

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Note: Anchor Sponsorships are now known as Ambassador ads, under our Ads by Anchor offering. You can read more about this change here.

Is there a minimum audience size in order to have an Ambassador ad?

We require that you have at least 50 listeners in order to activate your Ambassador ad. Once you hit this threshold, your Ambassador ad will automatically be unlocked for you!

Can I enable monetization if I live outside of the US?

Our Podcast Subscriptions tool is currently available for several countries, you can take a look at the list here. Our Ads by Anchor tools like Automated ads are not yet available to countries outside of the U.S. 

When will monetization be available in other countries?

We hope to continue expanding our monetization globally, but we have no timeline we can share at this time. 

How do I set up monetization?

You can activate your Ambassador ad for your podcast on both web and mobile from the 'Money' section of Anchor, as well as other Ads by Anchor tooling if you're eligible. You can also activate Listener Support from the 'Money" section of your Anchor account.

I no longer want Listener Support to be an option on my account. How do I remove it from my account?

To remove Listener Support from your Anchor account, you will need to contact us and ask us to remove it for you. 

I am currently supporting an Anchor podcast through Podcast Subscriptions and Listener Support but want to discontinue my support. How do I cancel my subscription?

You should receive monthly emails that let us know your payment, in which there is an "Unsubscribe" button attached. If you don't have this email, or are having troubler cancelling your subscription please contact us with the email address you used to support the podcast and the name of the podcast you are supporting. We will cancel your subscription for you.

I initiated a payment to my bank account through Stripe but don't see my money reflected yet. How long does it take for my money to transfer to my bank account?

It can take up to three business days for your money to appear in your bank account after cashing out from your wallet. If it appears to be taking longer, please reach out to us and let us know.

I forgot what bank account is associated with my Anchor payouts - how do I find that?

You can find your banking info directly from your Anchor account by accessing your Stripe Dashboard in your money page.

Can you help me disconnect/delete my Stripe account?

Yes, just contact us asking to disconnect or delete your Stripe account and we can do that for you. Please note, disconnecting your Stripe account only removes it from your Anchor profile. Completely deleting your Stripe account removes your bank information from our system. We can help you with either option-- just let us know which option you would like. 

My Ambassador ad has ended. Why did it end?

Our Ambassador ad has a maximum total number of impressions that your podcast can reach, at which point it will be completed. You can read more about it here.

I want a new sponsor. When will I get one?

We no longer offer Anchor Sponsorships. If you'd like to continue monetizing your show with advertising, you can sign up for our waitlist for Automated ads.

I want to change the banking info associated with my Stripe Express account. How can I change it?

You can change your banking info directly from your Anchor account by accessing your Stripe Dashboard in your money page.

Can I link my PayPal account to my Anchor account in order to receive the money I've made through monetization?

It is not possible to link your PayPal account to your Anchor account to receive your funds. You will have to set up your Stripe Express account in order to withdraw your funds.

Does Anchor take a percentage of money made through monetization? If so, what are the fees?

Yes, two fees are deducted from an Ambassador ad payout before it hits your bank account. The Anchor fee of 30% and Stripe's processing fee of $0.20. You can see our fee schedule here.

The balance in my wallet looks off. Why might it look incorrect?

There are two reasons why your wallet balance may look incorrect to you. The first is that it usually takes 24 hours to update. The second reason is the fees associated with the money you have made through your ads.

Is instant cash out still an option for receiving the money I've made through monetization?

Instant cash out is no longer an option for withdrawing your funds. The standard method of withdrawal typically takes about 3 business days.

I want to re-record my Ambassador ad. Is that possible?

Yes, re-recording your Ambassador ad is possible. The option to re-record your ad is found by navigating to your 'Money' page, scrolling down to the "Host-read ads" section of the page, and clicking the (...) next to the ad to re-record.

I recorded my Ambassador ad outside of my Anchor app. Can I upload that audio?

Yes, you can upload the audio you recorded for your Ambassador ad! You will have an option to upload audio in your Money tab.

I mistakenly ignored my Ambassador ad campaign. Can I get that back?

Yes, if you ignored the Ambassador ad, but didn't mean to you'll have the option to re-activate it. Contact us to let us know if you're having trouble with this and we'll get it set up for you again. 

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