Record With Friends FAQs

Check out the FAQs below to help answer questions regarding the Record With Friends feature on Anchor!

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How many people can join on a Record With Friends call?

Record With Friends can be used by up to five remote guests.

Can Records With Friends be joined from desktop?

Yes! Your guests now have the ability to join your call from their desktop. Please note, that the call must still be initiated from the Anchor app on a mobile device.

Do my guests need to have an Anchor account in order to join a call?

If your guest is joining your call through their desktop, an Anchor account is not required.

Can I use an external microphone while recording with this feature?

Yes, you can use an external microphone when on a Record with Friends call, but we recommend using a microphone only when joining from the web. Unfortunately, the mobile version is not as compatible with external equipment as the web version is.

How long can a call on Record With Friends be?

A Record With Friends call will record for up to two hours.

We ended our call where can we find our audio?

Once you call has ended and your audio has been processed you will be able to find you audio file in your library. Please note that the longer the call, the longer the processing time.

Does everyone on the call have to use the same device?

No, your guests can join your call from their preferred device. This can include iOS, Android, desktop or iPad.

Can multiple guests be logged into the same Anchor account in order to join the call?

No, if a guest is joining a call through the Anchor app on their mobile device, they will need to be logged into separate accounts. Joining a call from the same account will cause issues while recording.

Is it possible to mute yourself or your guests during a Record With Friends call?

There is currently no option to mute yourself or your guests during your call. 

Is Record With Friends audio a multitrack or single track recording?

Your audio is recorded on a single track. Our hope is to support multitrack recording in the future.

I'm having some trouble with my call. Why might this happen?

Trouble with your Record With Friends is likely caused by a connectivity issue. Check out this help article for more information.


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