Anchor's IAB Compliant Analytics FAQ

Anchor is excited to announce that our analytics reporting is now IAB Podcast Measurement compliant. This change is good for you and your podcast because it allows for greater accuracy in your statistics, as well as industry standardization.

For more information on Anchor's IAB compliancy check out the FAQs below:

1. What is the IAB and what does it mean to be IAB compliant?

The IAB is the Interactive Advertising Bureau and part of their mission is to standardize statistics in the podcasting industry. They have partnered with various members of the podcasting community to establish metrics that can be universally and consistently used in the podcast marketplace.

To be IAB compliant means we have adjusted how we report our statistics to comply with the recommendations set forth by the IAB.

2. What is a play? And how does this affect my numbers?

On Anchor, a “play” is considered a stream or download from any listening platform. A download can represent an automatic download, or someone actually listening.

Downloads of your podcast will now have to follow certain criteria to be classified as an IAB compliant download. A download is classified as a unique file request that was downloaded. So what does unique mean?

A unique download is a play of your podcast episode for 1 minute or longer that also falls within the following filtering methods:

  • A combination of IP address and user agent is used to identify unique users and downloads. For example, if the same file is downloaded 10 times by 6 user agents behind one IP address, that would count as 6 users and 6 downloads.
  • This method requires some techniques to filter IP addresses that excessively download/play at a rate that is not feasible.
  • In order to better support known high-density IP Addresses (dorms, corporations, etc.), a whitelist of IP addresses may be maintained. For these IP addresses, different filtering rules may be needed to account for a concentration of similar devices.

Additionally, Anchor’s analytics will be presenting unique listeners over the last 7 days. The filtering methods above will allow us to determine, to the best of our ability, how many unique listeners downloaded your podcast.

3. Will my play counts go down?

With IAB compliance, it is possible for you to notice a slight decrease in your analytics numbers going forward, but luckily the difference should not be too substantial because our play counts were generally in line with IAB's best practices before we became IAB certified. Your existing analytics will not be affected.



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