Redirecting from iVoox

Before you can redirect from iVoox, you'll want to make sure you've imported your existing feed into Anchor. This video explains what it means to import and redirect your feed:

iVoox is one of a handful of hosting platforms that does not support 301 redirects. This is perfectly fine, you'll still be able to switch over to Anchor. Before we can help you with that process, be sure that you have done all of the following and then we can break the connection to your old host.

  1. You imported your RSS feed into Anchor and a copy of all of your episodes now exists in your Anchor account
  2. You added all of your distribution links to your podcast's Distribution Settings under "Manual Distribution"
  3. You will need to reach out to each platform to update them of your new RSS feed if your old host does not support redirecting
    • This step is very important so that new episodes you post to Anchor will reflect on the external platforms that you are currently distributed to. To update your Spotify listing, you can follow these instructions, and for Apple you can contact them here.

Once you have confirmed the steps above, reach out to us to let us know and we will expire the connection with your old host.

Connect your Anchor account to existing show listings

Congratulations! You’ve officially redirected your podcast. If you’ve already distributed your show to listening apps, you can add the links to these listings in your Distribution Settings. This lets Anchor know if you need to be distributed anywhere else and we’ll add a badge on your public Anchor profile for listeners to know which apps you’re available on!

Note: You might create a duplicate listing if you opt into Anchor’s automatic distribution prior to adding your existing links in.


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