Monetizing with Music + Talk

You can still monetize your Music + Talk episodes, but some additional rules apply. 

Additionally, our Ads by Anchor tools like Automated ads are not yet available to countries outside of the U.S. 


Ads by Anchor tooling

In order to monetize your Music + Talk episodes please be sure to follow the guidelines below:

  1. Ads can’t be placed within 60 seconds of a song
  2. Ads must have at least 10 minutes of non-music content between them and there must be at least 10 minutes of ad-free talk
  3. Baked-in ads must be identified as an ad segment within your episodes that include songs

If you place an ad segment in your episode but it does not adhere to these rules, the segment will become invalid and will not be included in your episode once it appears on Spotify. You’ll be able to see any ad segments that are invalid after adding or rearranging those segments.

Monetizing your Music + Talk episodes on web:

  • If you have yet to enable your first Ambassador ad (if you're eligible) on your Anchor account click the green "Activate" button in your episode builder to add ad segments.
  • Click the "Add an ad segment" button. Note: you will need to have original recorded or uploaded content included in your episode in order to include an ad segment. 
  • An ad segment slot will be added to your episode. You can move the segment to a different position in your episode, but be sure to place it according to the guidelines outlined at the beginning of this article.


Screen_Shot_2020-10-13_at_7.06.58_AM.png Screen_Shot_2020-10-13_at_7.08.29_AM.png



Mobile app:

monetizeapp1.png monetizeapp2.png

Marking segments as ads

If you work with brands outside of Anchor, you’ll need to identify your ads within your episode with songs. 

On web:

  • From your Library folder, select the segment you wish to add into your episode
  • Once the segment is in your episode builder, click the "..." next to the segment name and select "Mark segment as ad"
  • After marking your segment as an ad, you'll be able to retroactively mark this ad as a segment in previously published episodes that contain songs
  • Once you've marked your segment as an ad and have checked that you have followed the monetization guidelines for ad placement, you can submit your episode for review to be published to Spotify. You will be notified of your episode status via email.

markassegmentweb1.png markassegmentweb2.png


On mobile:


  MTadASsegment1.jpg MTadASsegment2.jpg MTadASsegment_3.jpg 


Listener Support

If you already have Listener Support enabled for your account, you won’t be able to use the Music tool. If you’d prefer to use the Music + Talk feature in your episodes, you can disable your Listener Support directly from your Anchor account on the web. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to activate Listener Support for your account, you’ll need to make sure you’ve removed any songs from all of your episodes.

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