How to use Anchor's Waveform editor on web

We improved our editing features to include a waveform-based editor on web. The new editor makes it easier to split and edit your audio and will replace the split feature previously found on Anchor.

With the new waveform editor, you are now able to easily identify moments in your audio that you would like to edit. You can also use this tool to split existing audio in your episode, in order to insert other segments like transitions, Music, and other additional audio.

Using the waveform editor

  • Record your audio directly with Anchor or add existing audio to an episode in the episode builder
  • Once your audio is in the episode builder, click "..." next to the audio segment you want to edit


  • Select "Edit audio"


  • Your audio will process and the waveform-based editor will appear

Selecting and splitting your audio

  • Click on any point in the waveform to move the playhead to that point
  • Click "Split" or double-click with your mouse to split your audio and create new segments within the waveform


  • A split point can be deleted at any time by clicking the "x" icon at the bottom of the purple split line


  • The split point can also be dragged around to modify where the split occurs


  • You can double click on the title of any segment to rename it

Deleting and Restoring segments

  • You can delete segments by clicking the trash icon at the top of a segment


  • You can restore a segment by clicking the "restore" icon where the trash icon used to be


  • You can double-click the title of any segment to rename it

Zooming In/Out 

  • Tap the (+) or (-) on the screen (or type + or - on your keyboard) to zoom in and out of the waveform


Saving your segments

  • Once you've made all your edits click the purple "Save" button at the bottom right underneath the waveform editor
  • You have the option to save your changes into one segment or multiple segments. Please note: there is a limit of 150 segments that can be created and saved.


  • Your new segment(s) will appear in your episode builder, and your original (unedited) file will still be in your purple Library folder
  • If you selected the option to save as multiple segments they will show up as separate segments with the names you chose in the editor
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