Podcast Not Available on Apple Podcasts

If your Apple Podcasts listing is not appearing yet, it's possible that it's already active, but needs to be shown in your Anchor profile! It's worth noting that your podcast may take 10 days or longer to be fully accepted on Apple Podcasts, but if that time period has passed, you can follow the steps below.

Find your podcast on Apple Podcasts:

  • Open Apple Podcasts on your desktop or mobile device
  • Search your podcast by podcast title or author name. Note: if your podcast title contains a lot of common words, your search will yield more results. Be sure to carefully comb through your results to find your podcast.
  • Once you have found your podcast click into it and click the three dot icon next to subscribe (...)
  • Click 'Copy Link

Paste your listing into your Anchor profile:

  • Log into your Anchor account on the web
  • Click 'Settings' on the top right followed by "Distribution'
  • Scroll down to manual distribution and paste your show link into the box designated for Apple Podcasts
  • Scroll back up to the top of the page and click 'Save'

If you have searched for your podcast on Apple Podcasts and are still not able to find your listing reach out to us so that we can look into it for you.

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