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Creating and Publishing My Episode

How do I create a Music + Talk episode?

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to create your episode and submit it for review to Spotify.

Why does my episode need to be reviewed before it is published to Spotify? 

Music + Talk episodes need to be reviewed to ensure they follow our Community Guidelines and Spotify's Content Policies. Episodes also need to be reviewed to make sure they follow our monetization guidelines, where applicable. 

Can I edit the track in any way?

No, tracks must be used in their full, original state. The music tracks are completely unaltered and there can be no talking over music tracks. In your Anchor Episode Builder, music tracks and talk segments will be separate segments.

Can I start adding music to my current show? Can I add music to episodes already published? 

If you’d like to start adding music in subsequent episodes of an existing show, you just need to make sure it’s hosted on Anchor and then you can begin incorporating music tracks into the show using Anchor’s Music tool. Keep in mind that Music + Talk episodes can only be distributed to Spotify, so be sure to let your listeners know. If you’d like to add music to past episodes, they need to be hosted on Anchor; you will have to unpublish them first before editing and adding music tracks from Spotify. They can then be republished. 

I created a Music + Talk episode, but now want to remove the songs from my episode. How do I remove the songs?

You will need to recreate the episode without songs and republish the episode. You can then delete the previous episode with songs so that you do not have duplicate episodes (one with songs and one without).

Can I publish an episode with just music tracks? 

No—the episode must contain talk content. If you’d like to create content using solely music tracks, please create a playlist on Spotify. 

Can I have some episodes in my show that don’t use music, and some that do?

Of course. It’s up to you when you want to include music in an episode; however, keep in mind that while episodes without music can be distributed to all listening platforms (including Spotify), the episodes with music can only be distributed to Spotify. 

Where is this available?

Music + Talk is available in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico), Canada, Ireland, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, Japan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. The language setting must be English or in a country's official language in order to access the feature.

I’ve submitted my Music + Talk episode. How do I know what the status is?

You can check the status of your episode directly from your episode detail page. 

If you feel that your submitted episode has been in review longer than 2 hours, or if you are having trouble identifying the status of your episode, please contact our support team so they can help you further.

What happens if I include a song in my episode and the song is removed from Spotify’s catalog?
In the case that a track is removed from Spotify, for any reason, it would then be filtered out of your episode (much as it would disappear from any playlists). At that point you would be able to go back into your episode and replace the song with a new one, or leave it as is. It is also possible that a back-up track (perhaps a different version of the song) replaces it in Spotify, depending on the circumstances of the removed track. In the case that this were not to happen, the song would be filtered out of your episode.

How come when I build my Music + Talk episode in Anchor, the track length for song segments is 30 seconds?
Full-length songs can only be streamed on Spotify, so you will only be able to hear 30-second previews of songs you insert into your Anchor show when creating it. When published, however, your show will contain full-length versions of the songs for Spotify Premium users (while Spotify Free users will hear a 30-second track preview).

Hosting and Distribution

Can I host just Music + Talk episodes on Anchor, but continue to host the rest of my show on another hosting provider?

A show must be hosted on only one provider in order to show up as one continuous feed. If you attempt to host the same show on two separate providers, it will show up as two separate feeds on listening platforms. If you need to change providers to take advantage of Anchor’s music tool, switching to Anchor is simple and quick. 

Can I choose to submit Music + Talk episodes through manual distribution, without the help of Anchor?

Due to the nature of how these episodes are powered, only Anchor can distribute them to Spotify. This does not mean that Anchor owns your content in any way.

If I remove the music from the episode will it be published to other platforms outside of Spotify?

Should you publish an episode that contains Spotify songs and then remove the songs at a later date the episode can be published to other platforms outside of Spotify. Should you then decide to include songs again, the episode would be removed from those additional platforms and be available again only on Spotify.

Listening to Shows with Music

Are there differences in what Spotify Premium and Free users will hear?

Spotify Premium listeners will hear full tracks as part of these shows, and those with the Free tier will hear 30-second music previews. 

Is this available on all devices? 

Listeners can see the full listening experience on Spotify’s mobile app (iOS and Android). Music + Talk shows can be listened to on the Spotify desktop app, however the Spotify desktop app does not yet support the full listening experience with the UI features available on mobile. Creation of shows can be done on the Anchor mobile app (iOS and Android), tablet, and desktop (www.anchor.fm).

Are Music + Talk shows compatible with smart speakers?

Your Music + Talk show can be listened to when using Bluetooth. At this time episodes with music are not compatible with Spotify Connect, which includes Google Home and Alexa. 


I am trying to add a sponsored or ad segment into my Music + Talk episode but the segment becomes invalid. What can I do to fix this?

If you place a sponsored or ad segment in your episode and the segment becomes invalid, it will not be included in your episode once it appears on Spotify. Your segment may have become invalid because it didn’t adhere to our Sponsorship guidelines for Music + Talk. Please see the guidelines below:

  1. Ads cannot be placed within 60 seconds of a song
  2. Ads must have at least 10 minutes of non-music content between them
  3. Baked-in ads must be identified as an ad segment within your episode that include songs

Why is my sponsored segment not working?
If your sponsored segment is not working, we recommend checking that your sponsored segment abides by our guidelines.

If the segment in question is not an Ambassador ad, please make sure you are accurately marking it as an ad. Instructions can be found here.

How do artists get paid?

Rightsholders get paid as full tracks are streamed, just as with any other music stream on the Spotify platform.

Why do I need to turn off listener support when creating a Music + Talk show?
Because of the rules around monetizing content using Spotify music, listener support will need to be disabled for Music + Talk shows created on Anchor. For more details on the monetization rules regarding the placement of ads in shows with music, see here.


What happened to your previous Songs tool? Will any music included through that tool remain in my episodes?

Anchor’s previous Songs tool has been removed from mobile apps in favor of the Music + Talk tool on mobile and desktop. Please note that as a result, song segments that were included in any episodes on Anchor from the tool have been removed.

With the Music + Talk tool, you can now include songs in your episodes to be heard by listeners on Spotify. To add songs to episodes you’ve already created, you’ll just have to unpublish the episode, add a track from the Music + Talk tool, and submit the episode to be published on Spotify.







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