Convert your blog into a podcast with Anchor

With Anchor's integration you can bring your voice to your writing. By bringing your words to life you can take you ideas further and grow your audience with audio.

To learn more on how to integrate your blog with Anchor, read on below.

Get started

  • On your homepage, click "Get started" beneath the "Grow your audience with audio" prompt. Alternatively, you can get started from the publication modal of your site.


  • On the right hand side of your screen, you'll see a "Create audio version" button. You can also get started through that button.


  • Once you've clicked either of the entry points, you'll be directed to the Anchor + page. Click "Get Started" to create your Anchor account.

Note: If you already have an Anchor account, you'll need to create a new account using the flow below in order to use the Integration.


  • Enter your name, the email address you would like to use for your Anchor account, and a password.



Connect your blog

After creating your Anchor account, you will be taken to the episodes page of your Anchor account. Here, you can connect your blog.

Connecting your blog will convert your posts to audio. If you'd like to build your own podcast concept, feel free to skip this step.


  • If you've clicked the "Connect blog" button, you'll authenticate your account on the following screens



Importing your posts

  • After authenticating your blog, your posts will be imported into your Anchor account.

Screen_Shot_2021-02-17_at_8.49.20_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-02-17_at_8.49.49_AM.png

  • After importing, all blog posts will show up as draft episodes. Select "Create episode" to convert your posts into audio.


  • You have the option of turning your posts to audio by:
    • converting text to audio
    • recording a reading of the script in your own voice
    • going off script and using your post as a guide



Creating your episode

  • After you've chosen to convert text to audio or to record your episode, you will be taken to the episode creation page
  • Here you can choose to edit your recorded audio/text-to-speech with additional segments, background music, and interludes, or proceed directly to publishing


  • Once you're ready to publish, click "Save episode" to edit your episode details. Your podcast episode title will be autofilled based on the blog post title, but you can edit your title and description if you like
  • Click "Publish" when you're ready to publish your episode

Finish setting up your podcast and get it heard

  • You'll be prompted to finish setting up your podcast


  • Follow the setup workflow, including opting into or out of automatic distribution by Anchor.

Screen_Shot_2021-02-17_at_9.46.35_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-02-17_at_9.46.48_AM.png

  • Finally, you can add a Spotify link to your blog post so your readers can have the option of listening to your posts



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