How to set up Podcast Subscriptions

With Podcast Subscriptions, you can now charge for your show's content, available to your audience on or off of Spotify.

Setting up Podcast Subscriptions

  • Navigate to your Money page in your account on the web and scroll down to Subscriptions
  • Click the purple "Set up Subscriptions" button



  • If you have not yet set up your Stripe account you will be taken to your Stripe set up page. If you already have access to your Stripe account, you will now have the option to select a price for your subscription.
  • Select your pricing option, but keep in mind, once selected you will not be able to change it.


  • Then, select the episodes you would like to include in your subscription. You can select any episodes from your episodes page -  published, scheduled, or draft episodes


  • Once you’ve selected your episodes, click the purple "Update episodes" button at the top right hand side of the page


  • Once you've updated your episodes, you will receive a confirmation modal which finishes your set up. Your listeners will now be able to subscribe to the episodes you selected. We’ll also send you an email with more details.



Managing episodes for Subscription

Once you’ve set up Subscriptions, you can manage existing or future episodes for subscription directly from your episodes page or the publishing page. To mark a new episode as Subscription only:

  • Toggle on "Subscription only" 
  • Publish your episode or save as a draft to confirm your changes


Unmarking an episode for Subscription

You can also remove episodes from your subscriptions through your episode page or your publishing page (shown above).

From your publishing page:

  • Toggle off "Subscription only" and publish your episode to save your changes

From your Episodes list page:

  • Uncheck the Subscriptions box next to the episode you wish to unmark and click the purple "Update" button on the top right hand side of your screen


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