Submitting your podcast to Pocket Casts for distribution

If you would like to self submit your podcast to Pocket Casts the following instructions will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Submit your RSS feed to Pocket Casts

  • Visit 
  • Enter your RSS feed and select Public
  • Click Submit (it may take time to process your submission)
  • You should see a Your feed was successfully added! message
    • If you don't, Pocket Casts will inform you of what needs to be fixed before they approve your listing

Step 2: Add your Pocket Casts URL to your Anchor profile

  • Once your listing has been approved, you'll have your link handy! 
  • Copy the URL from the Pocket Casts submission screen
  • Go to the Podcast Availability page under the Settings menu on Anchor web
  • Find Pocket Casts and paste in your listing
  • Scroll up and click Save

If you have any questions about this process or the approval of your podcast reach out to Pocket Casts here!

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