Submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts for distribution

If you would like to submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts the following instructions will guide you through the process!

You will need an Apple ID in order to use Apple Podcasts Connect to submit your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts. If you have any trouble creating an Apple ID, contact Apple's Support team

Step 1: Create an Apple Podcasts Connect account

Step 2: Submit your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts

  • Once you have an active Apple Podcasts Connect account, you can submit your RSS feed to Apple Podcasts!
  • Once you're logged in at, you will see an option to Add Show.
  • You will have the option to add a show with, or without an RSS feed. Choose the option Add a show with an RSS feed.
  • You will see several options in the next pop-up message. Make sure to insert your RSS feed under the RSS Feed URL option. You should enable Make my feed publicly available if you'd like your Apple Podcasts listing to be available to all potential listeners. Finally, you can select who has access to this show on your Apple ID. Once done, click Add.
  • It will likely take a few minutes for Apple Podcasts to recognize and process your RSS feed. It will show in Draft status under Show Information. 
    • Note: If this process takes longer than an hour, please reach out to Apple Podcasts Support who be able to help further.
  • You can refresh a few times, until it shows your listing details and you see the option to Submit For Review. Click that option when you're ready to send your podcast to Apple Podcasts for their review.
    • You may be required to fill out some extra details, depending on what they require. Once you're ready, click Submit once more.
  • Congrats! You should see your podcast as Published. You can view your Apple Podcasts listing by going to the option entitled Apple Podcasts URL.

Step 3: Add your Apple Podcasts listing to your Anchor profile

  • You should see your listing look something like the below screenshot, with a similar URL structure.
  • Click Copy to copy your Apple Podcasts URL
  • Head to your Anchor Podcast Availability  page under Settings
  • Paste in your Apple Podcasts URL under the Apple Podcasts section and click Add to profile

You're all set, and on Apple Podcasts! If you have any additional questions do reach out to Apple Podcasts Support, who will be able to provide guidance to you. To contact their support team directly, scroll down on their Support page to Contact our support team

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