What are Automated Ads?

Automated Ads are a new way to earn through advertising on Anchor. Automated Ads use the Spotify Audience Network to provide you sponsor-read ads from top brands. Spotify Audience Network (SPAN), which powers Automated Ads, is Spotify’s proprietary audio advertising marketplace in which advertisers of all sizes will be able to connect with listeners consuming a broad range of content. These include Spotify’s Originals & Exclusives, podcasts via Megaphone and Anchor, and ad-supported music.

These ads are not host-read, like Ambassador Ads, which means you as the host will simply sign up and place ad segments where you’d like in your episodes, and wait for those Automated Ads to fill in! 

You can apply for the Automated Ads program at any time if you have access. Some of the criteria to be selected includes: unique listeners, listening hours, Spotify followers, and content that fits within Spotify ad guidelines. For now, you can sign up for the waitlist to use Automated Ads here

To get paid using Automated Ads, you’ll need to make sure you have set up Spotify Payouts. You’ll need to link your Spotify account to Anchor, as well as create a Spotify Payouts account. Click here to learn how to set up Spotify Payouts.

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