Video Podcasts FAQ's

Check out the FAQ's below to help answer questions regarding video podcasts!

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Where are video podcasts available to creators?

Video Podcasts are available in over 180 markets through Anchor. Log in or create an account to see if you have access.

How do I upload a video podcast?

You can check out our in-depth guide here!

What video formats are accepted?

We currently accept .MOV and .MP4 files, and recommend a 16x9 aspect ratio. See our list of recommended video specs here.

Can I monetize my episodes with video podcasts?

Yes, you can use Podcast Subscriptions to share exclusive content or gate your video content altogether.

Are there analytics for my video episodes?

Yes! For each video episode you can see viewers and watch hours.

  • Viewers is the total number of unique viewers that have watched your episode on Spotify for 60 seconds or more. 
  • Watch hours is the total amount of time that viewers have spent watching your episode on Spotify.

All video plays contribute to your regular episode play count too.

Due to a data constraint, video episodes published before February 5th, 2022 will only display viewer and watch hours from February 5th, 2022 onwards.

Can I livestream video on Spotify?

Nope! This is not a part of our video podcasts offering. We recommend checking out Spotify Live for live experiences.

Does my video podcast go out to other podcast platforms as video?

No, your video podcast will only be on Spotify. On other platforms, your episode will appear as a normal audio podcast episode.

Can I add video to my existing audio episodes in Anchor?

Yes you can! Check out our guide here.

Can an episode have both video segments and audio-only segments?
No, you can't mix and match video and audio-only segments in the same episode.

Can I edit video episodes on Anchor’s mobile apps?
Video episodes can be seen on your mobile app and you can make changes to video episode details like the title and description. Editing or uploading video content itself cannot be done on the Anchor mobile apps.

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