Wrapped FAQ's

Wrapped is here! Refer to our FAQ's below to answer any questions you may have. 

How do I get my 2021 Podcaster Wrapped? 

To get a 2021 Podcaster Wrapped, you will be required to have:

  • A podcast on Anchor published to Spotify
  • At least 3 listeners between 1/1-10/31 during 2021
  • Access to Anchor on web or the mobile app

Who can see my 2021 Wrapped? 

Only those logged into an Anchor account will be able to see the associated 

If your Wrapped is shared without your permission, please send us a request.

How do I see another podcaster’s Wrapped? 

You can only see stats for other podcasters who share the link to their Wrapped publicly.

Why are my Wrapped stats different to the stats in Anchor? 

Your 2021 Wrapped uses stats recorded between 1/1-10/31 in 2021. 

Your Anchor dashboard, on the other hand, shows stats for a variety of different time periods and as a result may have different analytics shown.

Why do some Podcasters have stats in their Wrapped that I don’t have in mine? 

Not all podcasters’ Wrapped will be the same. For example, if we didn’t have enough data for a specific section of your Wrapped, we didn’t include it.

Can you change or update my Wrapped stats?

We can’t change any stats in your 2021 Podcaster Wrapped.

Can I see my 2020 Podcaster Wrapped? 

The Wrapped microsite experience is only live for a limited period of time. After that time surpasses, podcasters will no longer be able to access their Wrapped.

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