How to use Q&A

Creating a Q&A for your episode will allow you to interact more with your audience. 

Table of Contents:

- Create a Q&A
- View and Manage Q&A replies 

- Edit/Delete your Q&A

- Your Q&A on the Spotify App

- Available Markets & Devices

- How to maximize listener engagement


Creating a Q&A

To add a question that your listeners can answer, you can either publish a new episode or edit an existing one. Note: You currently have to have at least one (1) published episode in your podcast before you can use Q&A.

On web:

  • If adding Q&A to an episode, first create your episode by clicking New Episode 
  • If existing episode, click desired episode from Episodes page and click Edit on that episode.
  • When you reach the Episode Options page, scroll down to see Q&A
  • Add a question by clicking Add a question
  • Enter your question, and then publish! 
    • Note: The question should show within a few minutes if your episode is published!

On mobile:

  • Click your desired episode from the Your Podcast tab
  • Click the new Community tab
  • Click Ask a question, and click Save!
  • The question will appear once your episode is published

You'll see a '?' icon below the episodes where questions are active!



View and Manage Q&A replies

On web:

  • Select the episode you wish to view from your Episodes tab
  • Scroll down to Episode Q&A
  • On the left hand side you'll be able to view all replies. On the right hand side, you'll be able to see pinned replies


  • Clicking the pin icon will pin the answer to your Spotify page making that reply visible to all listeners, as shown below.


On mobile:

  • Select the episode Q&A replies you wish to view from the Your Podcast tab
  • Click the Community tab to view the Q&A in your episode
  • Click See replies
  • Your replies will be listed on this next screen. Click into any one reply to either block user or pin your reply
    • To block user, click the ellipsis (...) at the top right of your screen next to the user name
    • To pin the reply and make it visible on your Spotify episode page, click the pin icon 



Edit/Delete your Q&A

On web:

  • From your Episode page, select the episode which you would like to edit or delete your Q&A
  • Click the pencil icon at the top of your screen (found near the episode title)

  • Scroll down to the Q&A section of the page and click Delete question
  • You'll receive a pop up confirming if you want to delete your question

  • Click, Yes, delete this question to permanently delete your question
  • Click Add a question to create a new question. If you no longer want to include a Q&A in your episode you can leave as is
    • To edit a question you posted you will need to delete the question entirely and add a new one

On mobile:

  • Click the episode you would like to edit/delete your Q&A from from the Your podcast tab
  • Click the Community tab
  • Click into your question to be brought to the Q&A page
  • Click the ellipsis (...) at the top right hand side of the page


  • Click Delete question and confirm on the next screen by clicking Delete question again
  • Your question has now been deleted. To add another question, click Ask a question
  • To edit a question you posted you will need to delete the question entirely and add a new one

Your Q&A on the Spotify App

Your Q&A will only be visible on the Spotify mobile app. It will be found in your episode page under your episode description. 




Available Markets & Devices

  • On which devices is this tool available?
    The Q&A feature can be configured through the Anchor mobile and web app and accessible to listeners through the Spotify mobile app only. You can still distribute episodes to other listening services, but the Q&A attached to the episode will not appear.
  • Which markets is Q&A available in?
    Creators in most* markets where Anchor and Spotify are available will be able to use this feature.

    * This excludes Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia.

  • In which markets can listeners see my questions?
    Listeners in most* markets where Spotify is available will be able to see and reply to your questions. 

    * This excludes Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Egypt, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia.

How to Maximize Listener Engagement

For tips on how to maximize listener engagement, check out this helpful article!

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