Discover and Anchor social features have been removed

Anchor’s Discover section, as well as the Activity tab and Favorites, have been removed from the Anchor mobile apps. These features were originally used to allow Anchor listeners to discover new shows and interact with other Anchor creators within the app. Over time, Anchor has become the easiest and best way to create a podcast, and we're continuing to focus on crafting tools that make podcast creation easy and fun. We understand this transition can be disruptive, and we want to help you find new ways to discover Anchor shows and interact with Anchor creators.

To continue listening to podcasts, whether hosted by Anchor or from other sources, we recommend using Spotify. To do this, you can start in the Podcasts tab and check out Spotify’s Podcast Charts to continue your discovery of new shows to listen to.

We know that some Anchor creators used the Discover tab and Activity tab for other reasons. See the below FAQ’s to answer any questions you may have about what this means for how you use the Anchor mobile app.


How can my Anchor listeners continue to listen to my show on Anchor?

Anchor listeners can still access your public Anchor URL on the web. We recommend sharing this out to your audience, in addition to your Spotify show page!


I used Discover to look up my co-hosts and guests for Record with Friends calls. How can I continue using Record with Friends with this being removed?

We recommend using an invite link that automatically gets generated when you start a Record with Friends session. You can share this link by copying the invite link and sending it using your preferred communication method with your guests.


I used Discover to find the shows I want to leave Voice Messages on. How will I be able to leave Voice Messages?

Voice Messages can still be recorded and sent using an Anchor creator’s public profile. Click the Message button on the creator’s Anchor profile in your web browser to sign in with your Anchor account and leave a Voice Message. If you’re a creator, you’ll still be able to manage your Voice Messages using the Voice Messages tab on both the Anchor mobile apps and web.


How will I be able to listen to the podcasts that I Favorited on Anchor?

Due to the Discover section's removal, we’d recommend finding the shows that you’ve Favorited on Spotify instead and following each show there.


I relied on notifications in the Anchor mobile app to use Record with Friends, receive Voice Messages, and know when people Favorite my podcast. How has this changed?

Notifications related to Anchor’s social features have been removed. For Voice Messages, you will receive notifications via email. We recommend using alternative messaging apps and tools to receive Record with Friends invitations. 

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