Excluding categories of ads from Automated Ads

Using Anchor’s Automated Ads feature allows you to get paid for sponsor-read ads that appear on your podcast, powered by SPAN.

To have more control over the types of ads that appear on your podcast, you can exclude certain advertising categories from appearing. To do this, navigate to Anchor on the web and then to your Money tab. Locate the “Automated Ads” section, where you can select ‘Exclude categories’ under the Automated ads section of your Money page.


A list of categories will appear where you can select (or de-select) the categories of ads that you don’t want to run on your podcast episodes. Clicking Select once you’ve made your selections will save your choices of excluded categories.

You should be aware that excluding multiple categories may result in a reduction of the revenue you earn from Automated Ads. Excluding categories reduces the amount of available ads that can run on your podcast.

For example, think of your advertising slots on your podcast as a parking lot. Reducing the number of categories that can run would be similar to reducing the number of parking spots in your parking lot. That means fewer cars can come in and use your parking lot to park, and as a result you may earn less money over time.

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