Unlinking a Spotify account from Anchor

Anchor accounts and Spotify accounts can be connected for several reasons. Having a Spotify account connected to your Anchor account allows you to access playlists from your Spotify account in the Music tool, and allows you to view your Podcast Subscriptions-enabled podcast as a subscriber.

However, you may need to unlink a Spotify account in certain situations from your Anchor account (for example, if you’ve connected an incorrect account). Follow the steps below to do this from Anchor.

  1. Log into your Anchor account and click Update Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Connections section, and locate the Spotify account attached.
  3. Click Change.
    • Note: If you’re enabled for Spotify Payouts and unlink your Spotify account, Automated Ads will be disabled. To receive your remaining earnings from that account, your balance must be $10 or more. After you unlink that Spotify account, you’ll be able to link a different Spotify account and set up Spotify Payouts again.
  4. Click Unlink Account
  5. Locate Anchor in the apps, and then click Remove Access
  6. That’s it! You’ve unlinked this specific Spotify account from your Anchor account. 
    • Note: This may take some time to take effect. Clear your browser cache if you aren’t seeing an update.
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