Uninterrupted Subscriptions

Anchor creators who already monetize with Host-read ads and Automated Ads can earn even more money by offering an uninterrupted Podcast Subscription (free of Anchor-inserted ads) to their most loyal fans. 

When you enable an uninterrupted subscription, we’ll create separate versions of every ad-containing episode you publish and automatically remove all Anchor-inserted ads (including episodes in your back catalog) and will package them as an uninterrupted subscription offering for fans at your preferred monthly price point. With uninterrupted subscriptions enabled, you can also publish subscription-only bonus episodes for your paying subscribers. Please note, subscribers can only access the uninterrupted content on Spotify.

Enabling ad-free subscriptions

  • Visit your Money page and click “Learn more” in the grey banner at the bottom of the Host-Read Ads or Automated Ads sections


  • In the modal window that appears, confirm you don’t include pre-recorded or “baked-in” ads in your episodes and click the "Set up Subscription" button


  • Select the monthly price you want to charge subscribers


  • Finish set up and add your Subscribe link to your podcast show description




What’s the difference between uninterrupted subscriptions and Podcast Subscriptions?

Uninterrupted subscriptions are a specific type of Podcast Subscription which enable a creator using Ads by Anchor to offer an uninterrupted version of their show on Spotify automatically. To enable an uninterrupted subscription, click the link at the bottom of the Host-Read Ads or Automated Ads sections of the Money page in Anchor. Once you enable this feature, your fans can pay to subscribe on your Anchor Subscribe page to get access to your uninterrupted content on Spotify.

Who is eligible for uninterrupted subscriptions?

U.S.-based creators who currently earn with Host-Read Ads or Automated Ads (but do not already have Subscriptions or Listener Support enabled) are eligible to enable uninterrupted subscriptions.

I currently use Podcast Subscriptions on Anchor, can I activate an uninterrupted subscription?

No. Unfortunately, current Podcast Subscriptions enabled creators will not be able to activate an uninterrupted subscription at this time. We are working on expanding this functionality to current Podcast Subscription enabled creators as quickly as we can.

How will my uninterrupted episodes be differentiated from regular episodes in the Spotify app?

Your ad-free episodes will be labeled “[Uninterrupted] Episode title” in Spotify. Each episode will be marked as “Paid” and a lock icon will appear instead of a play button. When a fan clicks the lock icon, they will be directed to a payment page to subscribe.

Can my paying subscribers access my uninterrupted subscription off of Spotify?

No. Currently uninterrupted subscriptions can only be accessed on Spotify at this time. We are working on expanding this functionality to allow paying subscribers to access uninterrupted content on platforms other than Spotify as quickly as we can.

How can I remove an episode from my uninterrupted subscription?

On the Episodes page in Anchor, click the “...” icon to the right of the episode you want to remove and select “Delete episode” from the menu. Note this will remove both the ads-enabled and uninterrupted versions of this episode at the same time. There is currently no way to selectively exclude some of your ads-enabled episodes from your uninterrupted subscription.

Can I offer an uninterrupted subscription if I record ads as part of my episode prior to uploading the file to Anchor?

No. Anchor can only remove ads that were inserted via Anchor’s ad tooling.

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