Play the episodes in the right order

An extremely basic functionality that your site lacks is to play the episodes in chronological order. For instance, right now if I play episode 4, the autoplay proceeds to episode 3 instead of episode 5 as it should. If one starts playing episode 1 (i.e. the oldest), then the autoplay just loops the same episode and never goes to episode 2.

I want to promote my podcast directly on your site, but this basic bug in your autoplay stops me from doing it as listeners would be frustrated and confused that the autoplay function does not work properly.

It's really mystifying as this is very basic. Changing the dates of the episodes so the first one would seem to be the latest and the last one would seem to be the first is simply absurd, plus one would be forced to change the date of every new episode as if it had been published the longest time ago.




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